The issue of corruption has led many to believe that the world is coming to an end. But the success of every individual as well as society lies on the ability for one to use the opportunities at one’s disposal with shrewdness and a sense of tenacity, believing that the good could even come from the bad if management of the bad changes hands.

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Sanjay Pradhan

From Bihar to the World Bank

Sanjay Pradhan grew up in Bihar, India’s poorest state. He came home one day, at 6 years old, to find a cart of sweets at the front door. He and his brothers greedily dug in — but when his father came home, he was livid. Those sweets, it turns out, were a bribe from a contractor. His father built roads in Bihar, and he had “developed a firm stance against corruption, even though he was harrassed and threatened.”

Bihar was India’s most corrupt state, and in it, “The poor had no means to voice their anguish if their children had no food or no schooling.” During his education, Pradhan traveled to different villages to study poverty. In one, a very poor man invited him into his hut and fed him. Pradhan only later realized that what he’d eaten “was food for him and his entire…

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